We design, develop and optimize mechanical parts and working systems. We design functional and innovative solutions merging conventional and progressive ways of production. We will choose the right technical solution even for you! We follow the exact customer requirements or follow his general ideas. Without problems, tailor-made!

We develop new parts, optimize actual shapes and function or mechanical properties of a part or complete product. We analyse actual state. We suppress old or ineffective technologies. We use Final Element Analysis to check part tension or topology optimization to get ideal shapes of a part. Reverse engineering is used digitize complex shapes of the parts. We move even your production limits!

We create production documentation for machining, casting or assembly – along technical norms and standards. Drawings, models or production and technology guidelines. We define assembly and application technology – you will not miss anything!

Our long-term praxis in mechanical part design, management of project, production of a parts, cooperation and assembly. In total 28 years in machine-building engineering, 5 years in additive manufacturing – give your projects to us and you will get competitive advantage soon!

We communicate in English, German and Czech – we will understand each other for sure!

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