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3D scanning

Get fast a high accuracy 3D model of a real part

Effective tool for reverse engineering, quality check and deviation measuring.

 Portable laser scanner CREAFORM HandyScan3D Sliver

  • Accuracy 0.030mm; volumetric accuracy 0.020 ± 0.060 mm/m
  • Part dimension 0.01 - 4 m

What we offer:

  • Comprehensive service including production of the new part by machining or 3D printing
  • 3D model and 2D drawings for your production
  • Data processing with various output (stp, stl, igs, etc.)
  • Fast service at your facillity or inhouse
  • Inspection analyzes including geometric deviations
  • Measuring of geometric deviations cmparing a 3D model
  • Measuring of geometric deviations by mutual comparing of serial parts
  • Issue of inspection reports

What you get:

  • Time saving
  • Missing production drawings and documentation
  • Reconstruction of missing component by scanning of counterparts
  • Data for 3D printing or machining CAM
  • Replica of the original part


  • Creating a documentation for new production of damaged part
  • Reconstruction of missing shafts, gears etc.
  • Dimensional and shape measuring of castings, molds and other tools

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