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Concealers and sealers

Concealment - plugs, covers, jigs and sealers

Protection of surfaces excluded from painting, varnishing or gluing. Used in powder or wet paint shops. Soft adapters, covers or sealers can be made.


What we offer:

  • Design of concealers or sealers
  • Silicone material (heat-resistant for up to 210°C), polyurethane, TPU
  • Hardness Shore 45A - 98A
  • On demand colour
  • Rapid prototyping production in 3D printing or casting
  • Serial production transition

What you get:

  • Design of silicone or polyurethane part
  • Production documentation 
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Small scale manual production
  • Massproduction of serial parts


  • Concealers, plugs, adapters, covers, sealers, soft silent blocks with general shape, industrial goods

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