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Centring fixtures

Centring jigs and assembly fixtures

They ensure an exact position of the part. In the production or in the assembly. They can be used for technological operations like sewing, gluing, sealing or cutting. As rest stations, they allow the injection plastic parts to cool down and hold the correct shape.

During interchange quality check they help to distinguish non compliant parts.

What we offer:

  • Jig design based on your production standards
  • Suitable material definition
  • Our own production capacity
  • Jig or fixture assembly and labelling

What you get:

  • Control over the production and assembly outputs quality 
  • Surface finishing quality of inserted part
  • Better workspace ergonomics 
  • Higher work productivity


  • general 3D shape of supporting and centring pads used by manipulation, pre-seting jigs, manual assemblies, fixing structures or assemblies, nesting and stabilizing the part, stamping

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