Our services are used by

Festool CZ s.r.o.
German hand tool producer joined popular Czech hand tool maker NAREX to develop and produce tools in Česká Lípa. They use centring and assembly fixtures to assemble hand tools. INOVATIQ remakes these fixtures into fast printable plastics nests, which allows precise and secure placement and assembly of hand tools. FESTOOL appreciate fast external supplier of production technology and could focus on development of own tools.
Land Rover Jaguar
Land Rover Jaguar produces high quality and prestige cars. Some of them are made out of aluminium (dural). Visible aluminium parts need to be handled by robots carefully not to be harmed. INOVATIQ developed soft centring pads used on idle stations in the press line to minimize defects on handled metal blanks between presses. Land Rover Jaguar appreciate high productivity of the press line thanks to high quality parts.
Bilsing Automation
Bilsing Automation deliver automation and handling systems for press shops and injection mould part production. Makes own equipment, parts and implementation. INOVATIQ developed centring pads instead of resin castings and machining. BILSING AUTOMATION got faster part production inclusive design delivery and part repeatability for spare parts. END CUSTOMER likes additional adjustment implemented into pads to speed up the commissioning.
TPCA produces cars in Kolín. Subassemblies and final assembly use various jigs and equipment to ensure the high standard of Toyota production system. INOVATIQ designs and produces jigs and fixtures to stabilize speed and quality of assembly and to keep ergonomics of the working place. Implement POKA-YOKE and colour codes to avoid trivial assembly problems, combine left and right jigs into a single one etc. TPCA appreciates speed of sample delivery and tailor made services – adjusted fixtures and user guide documentation.
Electropoli makes surface treatment of metals. Concealments and plugs are used to protects some surfaces against this treatment - like threads, seats... The speed and quality of installation of these concealments are the key to pain parts in good quality and high productivity. INOVATIQ design special shapes of plugs, makes prototypes and delivers serial produced plugs. INOVATIQ designed and delivered prototype of jig for precise manual placement of the covering stickers. ELECTROPOLI gets tailor made solution from proposal, design, prototype to serial part.
Železniční dodavatelská
Železniční dodavatelská company delivers spare parts to rolling stock – locomotives, coaches, wagons. Some spare parts design is older than 50 years and could be missing. INOVATIQ prepared production documentation of old part and delivery final machined part. ŽELEZNIČNÍ DODAVATELSKÁ appreciates turnkey delivery of the spare part – machined casting (castings, patterns, models and documentation) and common lead time.